Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jury House starts....

Wow the house sure went wild....

Kevin blew his chances when he decided he did not want to use the veto. He did not want to have any more enemies in the house. So he was a chicken and did not use the veto on his friend. When everyone in the house already knows he is friends. What will happen with the friendship between Kevin and Lydia?

Of course you have Chima beaming with pride because her nominations are still standing. But wait we have a "mystery power" out there. Will it be used?

First Russell lets everyone know he wants votes and wants to stay in the game. Jessie and Russell go to battle with words. I was not sure what would happen.

Things start turning when Natalie and Jessie think that Jordan or Jeff have this power. They start to hang out with them. What do they think Jeff and Jordan will not see what they are doing?

Then in comes time to vote and let a house guest go.

Then up stands Jeff and takes everyone off and places Natalie and Jessie up. The house is in shock as they begin to vote.

Then Jessie is out the door. He did tell Jeff it was a good move. He was not happy to leave but Jessie knew it was a game.

While Chima was ready to blow up...

As HOH comes to an end we find Michele has won.

What will happen next??

Who will go up??

Next Thursday is suppose to be a double eviction...

How will that play out??

Stay tuned this week to find out what happens next....

First person in the jury house:

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