Thursday, August 6, 2009

COUP D' Etat?

Rat/Snake thinks he has it in the bag. Yes, that means you Ronnie. He does a horrible job on acting when it comes to fake crying as he went to Russell make sure he did not go.

What makes me laugh is when Russell says, he will marinate on all Ronnie had to say. While he performed his fake crying act.

Chima has a wild side to her as she jumps on Russell. It seems this season all of the women are going a bit wild for the men. They should just get their heads in the game. If not they may go next.

Natalie needs to move on out. She talks about others latching on and being free floaters. Look what she is doing with Jessie. Just holding on and picking away to get what she wants.

Now back to Ronnie he is so mean and I hope he does not get any power. I mean the way he threatened Michele about keeping him and pushing her around with his words. I would not be happy if I was his wife. Yes, it is a game but please do not be cruel.

Michele was able to whack the house into shape and did not use the Veto. She stood up and did not let anyone in her way. Will Michele and Russell become friends and help each other out?

Who knows?

Now on to the Coup D' ETAT?

Who do you want to get this power??

Who will go???

Ronnie or Lydia or someone new with the new power Coup D' Etat?

Watch tonight to find out...


Amy said...

I wanted Jordan or Jeff to get the power and move Ronnie on out or Jessie...

Kelli said...

I haven't watched it yet (I recorded it and have to wait until my hubby gets home from work!) I might cheat and watch it, and just pretend I didn't see it yet. Any who... I hope Jeff gets it. I voted online about 30 times. (I know I'm lame)

Amy said...


I think it is great that you voted. I know who won it but I will not say anything just in case you have not watched it yet. I can say you are right though. Hope you enjoyed the show...