Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Brother Babies

As Jen said in the post below a lot has happen in the BB house.

I think the house has been filled with some crazy Babies.

Yes, that means you Chima. It was just a game and you knew coming into this that things could change. Yes, you lose your HOH way but come on. You could have shown everyone and won it. But no you just decided to act like a child and throw your microphone in the water. Then other house guest try and help you out. Oh boy...

When Jessie left you would have thought he died or something. The tears flew and wine was toasted for in his honor. He is fine and was a strong player and that is why he was gone.

Lydia my friend with the pink hair and outfit and blow up. I know you are doing this to act out and all it is doing is giving you a bad wrap. Grow up...

Kevin is just hanging in there not sure what to do or think. He is happy but then sad and who knows.

Natalie is still playing along to be young and in the game.

Jordan is so sweet and really needs to win. She has her heart in the right place for sure.

Michele is also one who just hangs along you never know what to think with her.

Russell is a walking time bomb. He tries to be nice but then you never know when the shot gun will go off.

Jeff is the kind of friend I would want in the house. He says what he wants and keeps to the play. He is sweet and kind.

Now onto tonight...

Julie is going to be busy.

We have a Veto?
An Eviction
Then a new HOH to be crowned.

Who is leaving?
What will happen with the Veto?
Who will be in charge?

I guess no double eviction this week......

I will wait along with all of you to see what happens next and how many tears fall this tonight.


Jennifer said...

I am soooo looking forward to seeing more of Jordan. I like her and she super sweet and needs to win. What is with all the tiers?? I mean come on this is a game and they acted like the guy died or something. LOL There is a lot of growing up to do with some of our house guests. Can not wait to see what happens next :)

Thank you for anouther great update Amy :)

Amy said...

Yes, Jennifer I have to agree I am team Jordan for sure. I hope she does win. It was a great show last night as Jordan won the veto and was able to kick out Lydia. It was a great night. Can't wait until Sunday....

Brandie said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, i do paint everything on my blog by hand. Come back anytime:)!

From Janes Oven said...

Hey Girl,

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Have a wonderful weekend.