Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waiting for the end results

Interesting Fact:

When we had the final four we had one person from each original group.

Kevin: Off Beat
Natalie: Athlete
Jordan: Popular
Michele: Brain

How crazy.

No HoH was crowded on the show just yet. We have to wait until the final episode to see who wins the most powerful HOH.

The first part was won by Kevin as we all know. But did you see how cocky Natalie was getting on the log? Making rude marks to Jordan that now Michele is in the "Jury House" with Jeff. That Michele liked him and a bunch of bull. I was happy to see Jordan could care less she knows that Michele is happily married.

As the night drew on this log rolled forward and backwards. Rain, Wind, and Snow even fell. Poor Jordan lost her step as the log rolled and she slipped away. My heart sank with this happened. I did not want those two lumps on the log to win (Kevin/Natalie)

We get another look into the jury house before Jordan and Natalie battle it out.

Russell: feels if it is Jeff he will play by their rules and would like to see Kevin win.
Lydia: wants Kevin to win and is not happy about being lied to by Natalie.
Jessie: would like Jeff to win.

Then a crazy voice calls into the house. In walks Jeff and they are all happy to see him. He tells, his jury house mates to throw the stones. Jeff finds out Natalie's lie and thinks Kevin may be there next. Jeff has found out the jury has now turned on Natalie and is surprised.

Old Friends:
That is right old friends stop by to chat with Julie.
Janelle, Mike, Danielle, and Dick.
They think Kevin may win. Janelle thinks either Kevin or Jordan.

Heads will Roll was the next HOH game:

Jordan and Natalie went at it. They had balls with each house guest name on it. The goal of the game was to put each ball into a hole at the top of the game board. They were going to put each ball in order who had won HOH all Summer long. If they got the balls in the correct order they would win.

It was great to see the end results
Natalie got five correct while Jordan got nine correct.

Who is talking smack now Natalie? I did like this ending.

Now we all wait until Tuesday September 15, 2009 to see who the new HOH. Then we get to see who they pick to take to the end. While the reaming house guest comes out and joins the jury and Julie.
We also found out America is the 7th jury member.
Other Jury Members:

Jessie Lydia Russell Jeff Michele

Start texting now: 81818

Jordan/ Kevin final two.
Jordan= 1



Kevin /Natalie final two.




Jordan/Natalie final two.



Natalie= 6

I wonder who will win?

Are you going to text in?

Funny how Natalie wanted to cover up her loss. Then Julie pointed out it was both a mental and physical challenge.

Sundays show is embarrassing moments from the BB 11.

Grab a great seat for Tuesdays show....


Diane said...

ugh natalie is so annoying. personally, i think she does act 18 - very immature. she can't lose without making up a bunch of excuses.

i hope jordan wins! but i wouldn't be too upset if kevin wins either. neither one of them will take natalie i dont think, even though it would be a good move because everyone in the jury house is onto natalie now and i don't think they'd vote for her.

Jen said...

I too want to Jordan to win but would be fine if Kevin won too! I actually think he's played the game well! I really just don't want Natalie to win! She's acting like she's already won the game!! I was thrilled when Jordan won part 2 of the Hoh!! I actually hope Kevin wins part 3 because I know he wont take Natalie! I am afraid Jordan will be swayed by her in these last days and will take her over Kevin. Although I think she has a better chance of winning the game against Natalie than Kevin! So I guess we'll just have see what happen on Tuesday!