Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twist and Turns are still coming

Time to Recap:

On Tuesday's show the house got a new twist. Which was found by Kevin. To win some money. Kevin took the bait and was left with his hands in Pandora's Box. While all of the greedy housemates grabbed the cash. It was raining Money in the back yard. It was funny because Kevin was stuck watching everyone grab it.

Kevin did yell down to get help. He thought his pal Natalie would help him out. Nope she just went back down and grabbed more money.

Finally Jeff came to find Kevin and was out to look for the key to unlock him. Natalie was right by him the whole time. The key was found by Jeff who holds onto the key and is back out collecting money that is flying from the sky. Natalie then tells him he has to let Kevin out. Finally Kevin is lose to grab some doe.

Everyone got a bit of cash from this game.

The Veto competition was great fun. An alien theme of faces. They looked pretty crazy. As you know from the last post Michele won it and took herself off.

We were left seeing Jordan being put up against her BFF Jeff.

**Thursday Night Show**

The house guest began to talk about what will happen next.

Jeff is sad that he may be going home and tells Jordan, "keep your spirits high" and to stick with Michele and Natalie. Jeff has been pretty sweet to Jordan.

Which means Jordan has become sad this week with tears and all. Not wanting him to leave the house. Knowing he needs two votes to stay and knows that Natalie will not give it to him.

Jeff and Jordan plan a dramatic kiss when he leaves the house. Along with that he tries to cut a deal with Natalie. Letting her know they will throw the HOH competition and she would be safe and not go up.

Natalie does not think that Michele will really let her win.

We learn Michele has a memory problem from her husband. Really?? Sometimes she knows stuff then all of a sudden she forgets it. It is strange how she only remembers certain things.

The house guest got a chance to see how they looked in the last HOH game.(hot chocolate one) They all laugh as they see it. Plus Natalie gets a chance to see herself with the dragonfly. I wonder if they will get to see all the videos of them when it is all over and they can really see everything that did happen.

Another peek into the jury house was seen. Lydia is now sporting another new look. This time she has brown hair. Her and Jessie have been having fun and having a few drinks.

Lydia must have forgotten all of her hard feelings about Jessie. She has a bigger crush on Jessie. But sorry to say girl he does not feel the same way.

In walks Russell. Lydia is bummed to see him and Jessie torn off his shirt like Hulk Hogan. Why??

Russell shows the low down about the house. Jessie sees that Russell was played by Jeff. Then the huge secrete about Natalie comes out that she is really 24. I wonder what this means if Natalie makes it to the final two?

In the end Jordan gives a sweet speech before voting. While Jeff speaks his mind and dogs on Natalie.

It was a tie vote:
See full size image

Kevin went ahead and sent my favorite BB cast member to the jury. Kevin gave a pretty mean speech.

Jeff is out of the house.

When Jeff comes out of the house he got a standing ovation.

The HOH game was pretty good. It was based on what you knew. Natalie took it home and won. Now everything is in her hands.

Who will she put up?

Who will try and save themselves the Veto?

Is there another Twist Coming with the new HOH?

Does anyone else think it is creepy when you when HOH you are able to watch all of the house guest on a t.v.

Tune in Sunday night(9/6) to and find out.

Jury house grows:

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