Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Part One of Final Hoh! Endurance Comp

Hi all! I want to thank Amy for holding down the fort here lately! Once I started back to school, this blog and Big Brother have been neglected!! We are down to the FINAL three!! Kevin, Jordan and Natalie are the final three house guests!! I am really bummed Michele got evicted tonight, although I am not surprised! I am of course rooting for Jordan to be the winner of BB11 but would be ok if Kevin won too!! I really DON'T want Natalie to win or be in the final 2 for that matter!

I just logged on to the live feeds, it's 8:12BBT and all three house guests are still on the log! Right now, it's "snowing or hailing!" There really hasn't been a whole lot of talking going on! Natalie though has tried to get to Jordan by saying Michele will be happy going to the jury house because she'll have Jeff all to herself!! UGH!! I really don't care for Natalie!!

I'll try my best to continue to update as the night progresses! I will however, have to go to bed in about an hour because I do have school tomorrow. So we'll see who's still standing when it's my bedtime!!

8:31BBT-All three are still on the log. The log is moving faster and changing directions more often. I think production is trying to speed up this contest! Natalie seems to be the one tiring the most! I don't know though, we'll have to keep watching and see!!!

8:40BBT-All still hanging on!! It's Summer time with "rain and thunder and lightning" (kind of funny because it is raining where I am right now! Complete with thunder and lightning! I feel like I am there with them!! Too funny!!)

8:47 BBT-The log is continuing to speed up and stop then change direction. Natalie has had a couple of close calls! She definitely seems like the one having the most trouble. You can hear her breathing hard. Kevin seems the strongest. I've gotten a little nervous a couple of times for Jordan but over all she's doing well!! Hang on Jordo!!! You can do it!!!!

8:57BBT-Natalie almost lost it a couple of times! I really think it won't be long until she drops! I hate to do this but I have to get ready for bed! I'll try to update tomorrow morning with the winner of part 1!


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