Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bells Ringing, Copy Cat, Babies, and Bugs

It was sad to say the the first Summer romance is now off of t.v. Jordan is left in BB house with out Jeff. She is pretty sad saying "It Sucks" Feeling bad she did not win HOH and put Kevin up.

Michele feeling now that Jeff is gone she will be the next target and will be gone soon.

Kevin feels that Natalie has lucked out in her win.

While Natalie is just so happy to have won. Planning to leave a mark on Kevin.

Kevin is like "What" the power has gone to her head.

It was a fun time for the house guest. They got to do a Luxury competition for a shopping spree.

Kevin and Natalie pair up then Jordan and Michele. They have to put a whole outfit together with out seeing each other. Kevin is all over this because you get to pose at the end with your outfit on.

When it came time to shop the BB house was full of clothes. The house guests had 3minutes and 28 seconds to shop. They all went wild grabbing clothes. I mean Kevin wanted what the mannequin had on. Leaving the poor thing in the nude. It was too funny.

Of course it would not be BB with out another Pandora's Box. Natalie found this one and was able to spend time with her boyfriend. He was waiting for her behind the door. Natalie had to give up the right to play in the next Veto game to see him. She went for it. There was another surprise waiting for her. Her boyfriend ask Natalie to marry him. He places a twisty on her finger telling her the real ring is at home. That when her boyfriend's Dad did ask his Mom he had no money and that is what he did. How sweet. Natalie say "Hell yeah" to him. Does this mean BB is now going to throw a wedding?

If Natalie wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend she could but her house guest would get something in return. Natalie just pushed the button while the house went wild.

A Baby came in along with a copy cat, and a roach. It was so funny watching Kevin, Michele and Jordan deal with these characters.

Natalie had to come up with a plan to seem like she was stuck in the HOH room while everyone else was getting bothered. She came up with a crazy story and was caught. She realized this and told them they had been punked by an "18" year old.

All said and done. Natalie puts on the HOH robe and kings crown, and sun glasses. Gives some pretty wild speech
Nig Brother 11 - Queen Natalie

For Kevin about a game of chess and that Michele is the devil.

The Block is Full again.

Kevin Campbell Michele Noonan

Who will win the power of Veto?

Jordan Lloyd Kevin Campbell Michele Noonan

Who will go home next?

Who will win HOH and who will end up in the jury house?

What do you think?

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Jen said...

I cracked up when the house got their little visitors!! How scary would that be to open your eyes and see a big baby!! Haha!! Too funny!!

I can't wait for tonight's episode!!

At this point I am just really hoping Natalie will NOT win the game!

I am rooting for Michele! I think she's played the best game with the most strikes against her! I'll be bummed but I have a feeling she's going home tonight!! We'll see!!

Thanks again Amy for keeping this site going! I really appreciate it!!