Thursday, September 10, 2009

HOH Keeps going

As Jen posted in post below we now know that Kevin won the first part of the HOH.

Now we have to wait and see who wins the second part between Natalie and Jordan. Which will air live tonight. (Thursday 9/10)

Before all of this happen we were left wondering who would win the most powerful Veto.

It was up to Kevin, Michele, and Jordan to get this power.

Natalie got to sit pretty and wait to see who won.

All of the house guest do have some stress put on them before the games begin. House guest see Kevin and Natalie exchanging words. Are they really fighting. Nope.

Jordan finds it strange that now Natalie wants Michele out because her main target was suppose to be Kevin. Again another Nope.

The Veto Game is a block party and Kevin, Michele, and Jordan are a mess. Trying to stack blocks to the correct answers.

We soon find out Kevin wins and now has the power. Of course he takes himself off and Jordan is put on the block. Since Kevin holds the power. He sends Michele packing and onto the jury house.

Now we wait again to see who wins the power of HOH?

Who do you want win?

What will happen with Kevin and Natalie will they continue to push each other along or change up the game?

Kevin Natalie

Michele leaves the BB house which means.

The Jury House Grows:
Jessie Lydia Russell Jeff Michele

Who do you want the final two to be?

Kevin Natalie

Natalie Jordan


Kevin Jordan

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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