Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kevin Wins Part 1 of Final Hoh!

I found out from the BBDish site that Kevin is the winner of the part 1 of the final Hoh competition! I am not surprised! He definitely seemed the strongest! I am surprised though, that Natalie outlasted Jordan! She looked so wobbly and I thought for sure she would drop first! Oh Well.

Natalie and Jordan will now compete in the second part of the Hoh comp probably today! I really hope Jordan wins!!

Then the winner of the part 2 will compete against Kevin live Thursday night!! I cannot tell you how much I really want Natalie to go home on Thursday!!


Jodi said...

UGH! I agree! I can't believe Natalie is still in this game! She drives me nuts! At this point, I want Jordan to win, but don't care who does as long as it's not Natalie!

Amy said...

I am happy Kevin won. I just hope that Jordan can beat Natalie. She should go. I do not like her she is way too mean.