Monday, June 29, 2009

Wanna See Pictures of the House?

The people that went into the house on media day, last Friday, are finally able to talk about their experiences in the house! I have to say the house looks pretty neat!! It makes me really excited for this season to start!! We should get to see pictures and bios of the cast soon! I can't wait!

If you want to see pictures and video of the house click HERE!! And let me know what you think!!!

*One rumor that I mentioned in my last post was proven to be false! There are no sensors on the sinks and showers! I am sure the house gusts will be glad. Can you imagine taking a shower and having to trigger the sensor in order to get the water to turn on. That would be ANNOYING!!

As soon as I find out more I'll let you know!! Stay TUNED!!!!


Diane said...

i'm getting a little irritated because that website is screwy!! i'll try back later.

what a tease! lol

Jen said...


I changed the link and it should take you directly to the BB info about media day and pictures of the house!

Sorry for the inconvenience!!


Amy said...

Wow Jen,
You sure know your stuff. Thanks for sharing. I need to get another post up. I so love the look of the blog.