Saturday, June 27, 2009

BB Rumors

The other night my sister (Ames) and I were at Starbucks and got to talking about out favorite show, Big Brother. We started to realize the BB cast should be revealed soon because there are less than 2 weeks until the big premier night! In seasons past the house guests usually move in about a week before the premiere night. SO we both got on our handy dandy phones and started searching the Internet for some scoop! Everything that we found is not confirmed so right now I am calling it BB Rumors! I am sure we'll know more soon!!!

BB 11 Rumors

  • This season's theme is going "Going Green."
  • Which means the sinks and showers are motion sensored.
  • House guests move in date is July 5th, 4 days before the premiere
  • I've read speculation about there being Geeks and Freaks!
  • The first Live eviction will be July 16th
  • 12 Houseguest
  • Premiere is July 9
  • Media day in the House was Friday, June 25
  • More about the house will be revealed on June 29th (That's MONDAY!!)
OH and if your interested in getting the live feeds there is an early Bird special going on until July 8th. Get 3 months for $29.99. If you get it now it will take through the entire BB season! Don't forget the sale ends July 8th! (FYI: I get nothing out of promoting the Live feeds!)


Jennifer said...

AWESOME new updates :)

Amy said...

Great work girls. Can't see wait to see who is moving in and what is going to happen.

Diane said...

i like the idea of geeks and freaks! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Woo Hoo! I love me some Big Brother.
I can not wait until the 9th.