Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tickets Anyone?

Do you want tickets to "Big Brother 11?"

Big Brother Live Show Tickets

You could be live and in the audience for the new season of Big Brother!

Click here for more details and you could find yourself right there with Julie and the cast members.

Big Brother

All of this information was taken from the CBS page.

Show starts Thursday July 9th.


Diane said...

don't think i could get away with leaving home for any amount of time. but it would be fun!

i am counting down the days!! BB is the ONLY tv show i watch. like, literally. ever. i can't wait!

ok, i don't feel too much like a dork cuz you guys are addicted too! :P

Jen said...

OH my goodness I would LOVE to be in the live audience! Too bad I don't live close or I so would try to get tickets!! Less than 2 weeks away!! I am so excited!!