Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BB13 House

Today pictures of the Big Brother 13 house were released!! Looks like the house is a fun beachy boardwalk theme!! I hope these pictures get you excited for the new season!!

View of the kitchen from the front door

Dinning Room Table
(Love the bench seating!)
Closer view of the kitchen

Cabana or Spa Room. (Old names for this room) I have a feeling this year it will be called the Fortune Teller room!! There's a fortune Teller machine in the corner. Here's a closer look!
Here's the other side of this room.


Living Room


Side bedroom.
Another view of side bedroom
I have a feeling this room will be called the Candy room!

Hoh Landing. The famous chess board!
I wonder if we will have chess players this year?

Hoh Room! This year we have a ROUND bed!

Hoh Bathroom

Backyard Couches

Backyard Mural

I believe Thursday the house guests identities will be revealed! I am so excited it won't be long now until this new season is underway!! Only a little over a week!! Squeee!!!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks awesome, I can't wait!